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Trend Alert: Multi - Masking

Sometimes it feels like we are in a constant battle with our skin, trying about a million products to make sure it’s glowing but not oily, acne-free but not dry, hydrated but not sweaty… You catch our drift. Which is why the latest skincare trend has us slapping our foreheads in a why didn’t we think of this sooner kind of way. Because different areas of our skin present different problems, it only makes sense to use different products for each area of our skin that we want to improve—and multimasking accomplishes just that. It’s like a customized cocktail to separately target specific concerns, instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach. Have breakouts just on your chin? Apply an acne-fighting clay mask there. Have an oily nose? Apply a mattifying, pore-cleansing mask there. Dry cheeks need lifting? A hydrating or firming mask there, and so on.

Multimasking has been growing in popularity over the last year, with makeup gurus and YouTube icons (see Nicole Guerriero and Tati) praising the use of numerous masks on different parts of their face to achieve better skin. To multimask is to pay attention to what your skin is communicating and respond with its best interest in mind. It’s nothing short of a genius approach to combination skin. 



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