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Travel Skincare 101

There’s not a single person I know who loves packing for trips, and I’m no exception. For the longest time, I dreaded packing a full skin care routine into a lightweight carry-on. But since I travel so much (I’ll be flying six times this month!), I knew that I had to figure out a way to maintain a well rounded skin care routine no matter where I’m jetting off to. But now that I’ve also got my travel routine down pat, here are my top tips that you can pick up for your next getaway!

Travel Tip #1: Pack multi-tasking products

One of the best perks about Korean beauty is that they’ve thought of every way to knock out several steps into one multi-tasking product. A multi-tasker I swear by is the Son & Park Beauty Water because it not only removes my makeup, but it also tones and gently exfoliates at the same time. It can even serve as a great hydrating facial mist while you’re silently stewing in recycled cabin air for six hours.

Another must-have multi-tasker is the Neogen Green Tea Cleansing Stick. I created this cleanser with Neogen to combat one of my biggest travel woes: packing a double cleansing routine! Cleansing oils and cleansing foams are not only easy to spill, but they’re usually heavy. So in place of the two, I formulated a cleansing stick with oils to help remove makeup and oil-based impurities while picking up the rest of the impurities. While I wouldn’t recommend using this as a permanent substitute for double cleansing, (yes, life would be quite sad without cleansing oils), it’s a great interim product for the well-traveled.

Travel Tip #2: Stuff your suitcase with sheet masks

Don’t forget:  sheet masks are treatment-soaked products, and are great alternatives to the essence, serums and ampoule steps! After cleansing and toning, apply a sheet mask to brighten, intensely hydrate, then finish off with a moisturizer.

Another amazing reason why you should travel with sheet masks is that you can bring a whole variety pack for almost any skin issue you may run into on a trip, and not to mention the obvious perks: they’re individually packaged and light as a feather. .

Travel Tip #3: Store products in common household items

Did you know you can pack your favorite skincare products in things that are lying around the house? Squeeze a bit of eye cream in an unused contact lens case or put exfoliating pads or pre-soaked toning pads into a plastic Ziploc bag. While you can always go out to your nearest drugstore and pick up TSA-approved travel-sized bottles, you’ll be surprised what you have lying around in your home that will work just as well.

Travel Tip #4: Protect yourself from sun exposure with sunscreen AND accessories

Traveling usually equals lots of sun exposure as you’re commuting from point A to point B. With that said, you should never underestimate the need for sunscreen! On top of regularly applying sunscreen, sunglasses do an amazing job keeping you from squinting and protecting the delicate area around the eyes when your SPF wears off. I never used to accessorize much, until I realized hats and sunnies go a long way in protecting your skin (and hiding bad hair days and eye bags when traveling) and now they’re usually the first thing I pack!

Travel Tip #5: Don’t rely too much on skin care samples

A lot of people tend to stock up on random samples to replace their tried and true skincare routine. While that’s definitely one option, I recommend sticking with the products your skin is used to and you’ve tried before. When traveling, you’re adjusting to new climates, varying pollution levels and even different water sources, so it’s not surprising if your skin freaks out when traveling! Tackle issues with products you know and trust. That’s why I curated tried-and-true K-beauty favorites into the TSA-approved Soko Glam Intro to K-beauty Set so you can bring your favorites with you wherever you jet off too!

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