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Getting Serious About Serums

It’s true that every product in your skincare routine should contain a skin-loving array of antioxidants, replenishing, and skin-restoring ingredients. But serums are special: Serums are more advanced, concentrated formulations designed to address specific needs in a more focused, enriching manner.

Depending on your specific skincare concerns, you may need higher amounts of these valuable skincare ingredients with anti-aging, anti-pollution, or anti-environmental damage benefits. We wish all of these ingredients could fit in your nighttime or daytime moisturizers, but there simply isn’t room to fit the extra amounts of these strategic skincare ingredients--amounts required for your advanced skincare needs.

Serums don’t need to contain sunscreen actives like a daytime moisturizer with SPF or the emollients or texture-enhancing ingredients in your nighttime moisturizer. Instead, serums use that extra space to pack in other beneficial ingredients such as more antioxidants, skin-replenishing, and skin-restoring ingredients. Because of their special blends and textures, our serums are easily added to your existing skincare routine, and can even be layered with each other.

Depending on your skin type, a serum can be used on its own at night with or without a nighttime moisturizer. During the day, you would absolutely still need to use a moisturizer with SPF 30 or greater and your serum can be applied under that.

Age Doesn’t Matter, So Start Using a Serum Now

It’s common knowledge that doing things like eating a balanced diet, exercising, and not abusing your body with smoking and excessive alcohol keeps you healthier and looking younger, longer. Knowing this, it doesn’t make sense to wait until you’re unfit, unwell, or over age 40 to start practicing a healthier lifestyle and diet. We all know the sooner you start, the more likely your physical well-being will be with you for the long haul.

This fundamental aspect of life also applies to skincare! Using serums loaded with these incredibly important ingredients before you start seeing signs of aging and environmental assault means you'll be on track for getting (and keeping) the beautiful skin you want now and in the long term.

Keep in mind that just like your body never "gets used" to you eating healthy foods, nor does your skin get used to great ingredients. Your skin craves and needs generous amounts of the beneficial ingredients we mention above because each group helps skin to be healthy and stay young-looking. Using them now does not mean they won’t work "when you really need them" rather, they will be working for you every day of your life!

Of course, these ingredients also work even after signs of aging appear, but without question, sooner is better than later!


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