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Are You Using the Right Face Mask for Your Skin?

Filtering through the massive selection of face masks online can be intimidating, we get it. (We're glad you found us, though!) So how do you know what to look for? Start by asking yourself what your primary skin concerns are and go from there. Do you have an oily, breakout-prone complexion? Look for clay- or charcoal-based products that absorb excess oils, address sebum production and keep pores from getting clogged. If you're on the opposite end of the skin-type spectrum and suffer from dryness and sensitivity, look for a mask that will give you a dose of soothing moisture. "Anti-inflammatory ingredients like sulfur or kaolin will help calm the skin," advises our friend Dr. Tanzi. Take a look at our Pep Up Peptide Complex Mask

If you're in need of brightening, look for masks that include vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or antioxidant fruit ingredients. Our Fruit Burst Antioxidant Mask will give your skin that radiant glow! Most masks will tell you what issues they target if you take a quick look at the packaging, so go from there and experiment a little if you need to in order to find a favorite. And we're here to help with that, too! Ask us any questions at all :) 


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