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  • Travel Skincare 101

    Alexandra Hunt

    Posted on February 02 2018

    Travel Skincare 101
    There’s not a single person I know who loves packing for trips, and I’m no exception. F...
  • Winter Skincare Tips

    Alexandra Hunt

    Posted on December 21 2017

    Winter Skincare Tips
    Does this winter weather have your skin feeling dry? This time of year especially it’s ...
  • Take Notes: Ultimate Skincare Regimen

    Alexandra Hunt

    Posted on November 30 2017

    Take Notes: Ultimate Skincare Regimen
    We all have unique skin-types, and what works for me may not necessarily work for you. So let’s dig in to the basics: The universal skincare regimen essentials.
  • How You Should be Washing Your Face

    Alexandra Hunt

    Posted on November 29 2017

    How You Should be Washing Your Face
    You’ve been washing your face ever since someone else stopped washing it for you. Yet, for younger-looking, healthy skin, the way you wash your face is vitally important. So incorporate the following face-washing tips into your regular skin care routine for healthier, happier skin.
  • Trend Alert: Multi - Masking

    Alexandra Hunt

    Posted on November 16 2017

    Trend Alert: Multi - Masking
    Different areas of our skin present different problems, it only makes sense to use different products for each area of our skin that we want to improve—and multimasking accomplishes just that.

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